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🌌🌌🌕 The Dark Forest 🌕 🌌🌌
DJWang (1130)

Hi Peeps! Here is a game I worked really hard on. You are lost in the forest and you are trying to get out of it and find your way back to civilization. (Hopefully) You will find a dog. Try to tame it.

V 1.0

Huge update will come when we have 100 upvotes!

New update features:

  1. New Monsters! 👹
  2. New foods! 🍲
  3. Desert Map! 🏜️
  4. New NPC Assistants! 🤖
  5. Cave with treasure! 🥇

Go for this people! We can do it!

V 1.1

  1. Revised home screen
  2. Fixed bugs
  3. Color update!
  4. Potions coming soon!

Edit: We officially have 100 upvotes!! Thank you everyone for supporting my game! The update will be coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled! Oh, and while you are waiting for my project, consider supporting my other games!




Please upvote on each of these games. Remember, one upvote from you can add up to many happy faces from my team. I worked very hard on these games and I need some support.

Update coming soon! I am trying to get by some school activities, so I didn't have much time to update this. However: Next update includes potions! Potions balance all your stats and they help you survive.

Another Reminder: Please, upvote the games I gave you the link to. I need some support to inspire me to make even more awesome games.


-DJStudios Team

greenbean765 (54)

I think there's a bug. i died when i got to a well with a frog and pulled it out with a rope. the message of what happened next was immediately cleared from the console so i couldn't see what happened

DJWang (1130)

@greenbean765 Thank you! I will try to fix that!

Avilos (0)

@greenbean765 I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do ugh

greenbean765 (54)

I checked the code, seems like something wierd that happened that one time

Westofer (1)

Same, but avery cool game

Warhawk947 (510)

@DJWang while True:
cprint('A mysterious frog falls down into an old well.')
cprint('1. Pull him out using a rope nearby')
cprint('2. Climb down the well and bring him up.')
choice = input('>>> ')
if choice == '1':
cprint('You haul the rope down into the well, but the roped is cursed and you fall to your death.')
elif choice == '2':
cprint('You climb down the well but slip to your death.')

thats what it prints

jonbennett (0)

@greenbean765 I also had it happen to me though

SachiB (0)


That's what happened to me.

517agp16 (0)

@greenbean765 I am having the same problem

LittleNomster (113)

@greenbean765 yeah, if you hit 1 it dissapears, idk about 2

ChezCoder (1464)

Would you like to use my PySel engine to make your user selections easier? no credit needed!

JeromyHolste (4)

I have ten dogs and put them all in the cauldron



Its been three months can you give an E.T.A. when it will be out

Thank you

DJWang (1130)

@JOHNATHANSMITH2 Hey Jonathan! I'm working on some other games right now, but the update should come around in a few weeks. Right now I'm working on a poem generator, and I'm still trying to debug the potion update in this game. Thank you for being patient, I'm doing my best!


@DJWang I'm glad to hear that you haven't lost motivation for the game! Also don't feel rushed

Snowytrack (12)

I think that there is a bug. When I tried to feed the rat with the cheese, it just froze. Here is the code:
Traceback (most recent call last) :
File "", line 18, in <module>
Bravery, Compassion, HasDog, Hunger, Power, HasRat = Decision(Bravery, Compassion, HasDog, Hunger, Power, HasRat)
TypeError: cannot unpack non-iterable Nonetype object
Please fix this bug.

LRLBlog (1)


DeBeast591 (135)

Awesome game! I found one bug, when I encountered the mouse it gave a noneType error.

TerrorbuildLuna (15)

Great job! Only suggestion and maybe a bug is that if you don't enter an input when faced with a choice, but rather press enter, it skips that choice and none of your stats are affected

applesX (19)

Make it possible to win this please!

DJWang (1130)

@applesX It is possible! Do you mean make it easier?

applesX (19)

@DJWang the thing and whatever answer you make you lose, it says before you can answer, what do i do? Yes or no and I die either way. . . .

DJWang (1130)

@applesX Yeah, you die because you made at least one of your stats high or low. (100 or 0) Your previous choices affect your stats. You are given the choice and you die either way because your stats either went too high or dropped down too low.

Great question!

applesX (19)

@DJWang got it, thanks. Ok. Definitely my compassion lol. Too much of that.

applesX (19)

I done it, thanks!

nN34398Ff (85)

really cool, I was killed brutally lol, cut into billions of pieces by an evil skeleton, I always die from evil skeleton

nN34398Ff (85)

@nN34398Ff PLEASE make a game with a nice skeleton please

DJWang (1130)

@nN34398Ff All right, All right. What should it be?

PS: If you die from the skeleton that means you don't care about eating lol

xie21 (28)

Hi! This is TarnX Studios. We like your game! Try ours- Inus. Its okay so far. Great game! Keep going!

AHulot (43)

I don't think you can win. Has anybody won?

DJWang (1130)

@AHulot Oh yeah you can win. It's just hard :) :P. If you want, I can make a version for you that is easier to win!

AHulot (43)

@DJWang :
No it's fine. Nice game though! :)

DJWang (1130)

@AHulot :) Thanks! Consider upvoting my other games!

ChezCoder (1464)

line 457: cprint('2. Run around is circles of terror ','red')
Replace IS with IN

LordoftheString (3)

Amazing game! Quality work.

tenyiyi123 (2)

Mind if i fork your repl?

EmDo3 (0)

I beat it first try!

UzayAnil (19)

I won!! And never died.

MattChoe (0)

What happens after the mysterious frog?

DJWang (1130)

@MattChoe That is a death decision. No matter what happens you die.

NelsonVo1 (0)

try to be friend with dog no work

DJWang (1130)

@NelsonVo1 Now here is a little hacker!

lolipopcakecake (3)

wait why the dead deer corpse tho

SpaceFrog644 (0)

This is really cool! I could probably never do that😂

DJWang (1130)

@SpaceFrog644 Awww! I'm sure you will someday! Work hard if coding is your passion!

RipnDipBoi (0)

This is pretty cool!