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The Dead
nN34398Ff (61)

Hey Guys! This is a project that I ACTUALLY worked on. It's one of the projects within a series. The next project I will create is called The Hacker. For the best results while playing this, please put your 'console' window to the biggest size. There is a little 'picture' at the end, and it won't show properly unless the screen is at the biggest possible size.

The point of this game is to figure out the value that is needed to access a generator. The generator is used to create copies of a destructive monster. It is extremely hard to get to this generator. One man has done it, but no one knows if he is alive or not.

There are ten files for you to look at. You have to file through each one of them, or you won't understand the meaning of this project. Once you have looked at a file, you have to press run again to check the others.

Please upvote this and enjoy!

(Yes, I know you can literally just go to the last file, but that's no fun, is it?)

nN34398Ff (61)

Thanks to everyone for voting, I actually never get this many upvotes on one project
(Considering I only got four lol)

nN34398Ff (61)

Isn't it kinda weird? In the end, if you are struggling, notice that the code hasn't ended.
=) I just gave a lot away