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The Game of 15
vedprad1 (892)

Can you make the computer say 15?
If you win the game, make sure to post a screenshot in the comments below. Your name will be displayed here as well as in the game:

Devilthief444 (0)

I did it!

Jk I know its impossible, still had fun when I won though.

vedprad1 (892)

@Devilthief444 Hey, you just deleted a few lines of code!

CoolqB (154)

Sorry to spoil it, but you can't win ;-;
The computer goes first, and it always says (your number) - 4 which means it doesn't matter what you say, it will always increase in 4's. If you say 3, it will say 1, making four, if you say 2, it will say 2 making four, if you say 1, it will say 3 making 4.

There is literally no way to win :(

But nice creation!!

vedprad1 (892)

@CoolqB: Sorry to spoil this to you, but I already know that. This is just a fun trick that I like to play on my friends and I decided to make it through Java.

CoolqB (154)

Oh, sorry for not being clear ;-;
I meant that message for others :)
Great game, awesome project, going to see if I can trick some friends of my own with it :)