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The Hollow - Part 7
VulcanWM (2104)

So this is the last part of The Hollow Season 1. In here, you have a fight with Zeus. Thanks to all the people who upvoted my previous parts of the Hollow: @MORGANISTHEBEST , @CoolJames1610 , @HZLPY , @nk1rwc , @FunnyLamma , @NeilGolchha , @mkhoi , @JBYT27 , @Zuhdi28 , @SotoAyam , @MedhaChoudhary , @RARA12SPQR , @DannyIsCoding , @Chrysaor102 , @DeepakChoudhar2 , @medcho , @Krsoslav , @henryeth , @syflexer , @Anvaysharma , @studentAlfredAl , @NobertoCruz , @Makutunga , @elijahnik1 , @Lodish , @UltraNecrosma , @CrazyGamerJT , @IvanGonzalez2 , @MilanaGerrish , @Warhawk947 , @Axrevyn , @AndreySloan , @ZacPlayz , @BobTheTomatoPie , @sebasvivas1
Thanks to @Zuhdi28 for giving me the ascii.
Look out for the whole project's post.

henryeth (26)

The Hollow series is amazing and continues to impress - in this one just a couple of small mistakes:
Line of code 89 - "He sees you ans says" should be "He sees you and says".
Line of code 106 - "You attcked while Zeus defended" should be "You attacked while Zeus defended".
Great series and I'm looking forward to season 2.

VulcanWM (2104)

Thanks, I’ll correct the mistakes @henryeth

BobTheTomatoPie (1066)

Definitaly the best in the seires! Great job!

VulcanWM (2104)

Thanks, I’ll try to make more parts like this @BobTheTomatoPie

DungeonMaster00 (115)

This is really cool. Especially DarthMaul in the code. I liked DarthMaul, the big lightsaber fight at the end of Episode 1 with him was probably the only good part in the movie. Looking forward to season 2.


wow! coo part
i am so excited for the season two!

Choice Chooser, lol
VulcanWM (2104)

Maybe you want to upvote @Zuhdi28


@medcho i forgot lol