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The Hollow - Part 7
VulcanWM (2232)

So this is the last part of The Hollow Season 1. In here, you have a fight with Zeus. Thanks to all the people who upvoted my previous parts of the Hollow: @MORGANISTHEBEST , @CoolJames1610 , @HZLPY , @nk1rwc , @FunnyLamma , @NeilGolchha , @mkhoi , @JBYT27 , @Zuhdi28 , @SotoAyam , @MedhaChoudhary , @RARA12SPQR , @DannyIsCoding , @Chrysaor102 , @DeepakChoudhar2 , @medcho , @Krsoslav , @henryeth , @syflexer , @Anvaysharma , @studentAlfredAl , @NobertoCruz , @Makutunga , @elijahnik1 , @Lodish , @UltraNecrosma , @CrazyGamerJT , @IvanGonzalez2 , @MilanaGerrish , @Warhawk947 , @Axrevyn , @AndreySloan , @ZacPlayz , @BobTheTomatoPie , @sebasvivas1
Thanks to @Zuhdi28 for giving me the ascii.
Look out for the whole project's post.

BobTheTomatoPie (1751)

Definitaly the best in the seires! Great job!

VulcanWM (2232)

Thanks, I’ll try to make more parts like this @BobTheTomatoPie

henryeth (30)

The Hollow series is amazing and continues to impress - in this one just a couple of small mistakes:
Line of code 89 - "He sees you ans says" should be "He sees you and says".
Line of code 106 - "You attcked while Zeus defended" should be "You attacked while Zeus defended".
Great series and I'm looking forward to season 2.

VulcanWM (2232)

Thanks, I’ll correct the mistakes @henryeth

DungeonMaster00 (167)

This is really cool. Especially DarthMaul in the code. I liked DarthMaul, the big lightsaber fight at the end of Episode 1 with him was probably the only good part in the movie. Looking forward to season 2.


wow! coo part
i am so excited for the season two!

Choice Chooser, lol
VulcanWM (2232)

Maybe you want to upvote @Zuhdi28


@medcho i forgot lol