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The Most Boring Game
Trapdoorspyder (37)

This game is incredibly boring. Please give it chance though, as the narrator does get rather lonely.

This project has been in the making for quite a while now. I originally started it for the game jam some time ago, but schedule restraints prevented me from finishing it in time. Although it is still not quite done, I figured I could share it with everybody to find any bugs, and get new ideas.

Once you finish what I have currently created, please let me know what you think down in the comments. I am taking any ideas for what could come next, and I will give credit for any ideas that make it in.

Thanks for playing!

Change log:

Minor changes to dialogue
Streamlined content to support replay in the future

Changed the method for 'clear'
Added replay ability
Added Menu after initial Playthrough
Added option to go straight to menu
Added Easter Eggs

Major bug fixes to Easter Egg system
Major changes to the 'Boss' Easter Egg dialogue

CadenSpaeth (4)

no work File "", line 259
if (name="Boss")
problem-------------> ^
IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

Warhawk947 (0)

@CadenSpaeth i know it happened to me too

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@CadenSpaeth Yep. Forgot the colon. And the double equals sign.

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@Trapdoorspyder And there's something else too. Hmmm.

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@CadenSpaeth Fixed! I mixed spaces with tabs.

eighty (1)

On line 585, you're calling for the function notq. However, this throws an error. Throughout the rest of your code, this function is referenced as notQ, with a capitalized Q. I forked the project and tested it myself just to be certain that it was case sensitive, and it fixed the problem. Just change line 585 to a capital Q and you'll be all good!

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@eighty Thank you, and I'll fix that right away.

LustyBoi (4)

This was actually not bad at all I enjoyed it , sadly I have no clue what you should add next

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@LustyBoi Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

seakorea1219 (0)

dah...the door thing was really boring...

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@seakorea1219 Did you ever press 'Q'? That will progress the story.

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@JacksonCowie That has been fixed, as well as all other instances of the same error.

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@JacksonCowie Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for bringing the bug to my attention.

PasAdam (0)

that was pretty boring

AidenPython (0)

This Happens Immediately :(
Have you played before? [y/n] n
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 663, in <module>
if(p==y or p==yes):
NameError: name 'y' is not defined

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@AidenPython, @MarshallPerkins Fixed! I forgot the quotes. Hopefully, now you can successfully play the game.

MarshallPerkins (0)

it is giving me a NameError: name 'y' is not defined when it asks me if i have played

pythoncoderNYC (0)

You have a Indentation error would u like us to change that? Is it meant to happen?

FinDaGardiner (0)

mmmmmmm very good game, my wife loved it!

hotpockets (0)

ah, you remembered to import time. something I always forget lol

Ov3R10rd (48)

Cool game, really funny!

jck117 (0)

Wasn't sure if I wanted to play the most boring game lol. Maybe change the title to get more people to play? But yeah I gave it a try. Got confused a little bit when I came to the doors. Wasn't sure the code was in a loop or the purpose was to have more than one door? Once I figured it was the latter, it felt a little bit like I was playing Bandersnatch and got a little interesting. Not the most boring game I've played. Keep working at it.

onikahmed (0)

I have question, why the colors doesn't show up when I try in on python installed on my windows. do I have to install color or something, if so how do I do it. btw completely new to this.

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@onikahmed I am very sorry you have run into this error. I have no idea what is causing it, as I never have any problems with that when I run it. Other than that, I hope the game was enjoyable to you, and thank you for letting me know about this.

onikahmed (0)

@Trapdoorspyder yes it was great. hope to see more like this...

EthanCulp (3)

@Trapdoorspyder Hello! Great game! I know what is causing this problem, in the function "os.system("clear")" this only works for macs and linux, to make it also work on windows computers as well, you must make a clear function and replace all of your os.clear() functions with clear() after you place the function below at the top of your program. This function will basically just check if someone is using macs/linux or windows

def clear():

# for windows 
if name == 'nt': 
    _ = system('cls') 

# for mac and linux(here, is 'posix') 
    _ = system('clear') 

Another suggestion is after you ask the user something, for example when you ask the user for their name instead of doing name=input("What is your name? "), do name=input("What is your name?\n> "). It just makes it look a lot cooler and it will signal to the user that the program is ready for an input.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@EthanCulp Yes, I do have a question. How does this work? If I do implement this into my code, I want to know how it works so that I can edit it if I need to. Thank you for the suggestion, and I will try it out. However, I have no way to test if it works for the other systems when I do implement it. I do not wish to seem ungrateful for this suggestion, I just want to know how it works and how to test it for other systems.

EthanCulp (3)

@Trapdoorspyder That is perfectly fine! I am happy to answer your question. The OS (Operating System) Name for Windows is 'nt' and the parameter you will put in os.clear() is 'cls'. The OS Name for Mac/Linux is 'posix' and the parameter will be 'clear'. So lets go through this step by step:

\/ Starting to define the function
def clear():
if == 'nt': --- This part will test if the OS is windows
= os.system('cls') --- Executes the clear function
else: <-- If the OS is not windows then it will resort to putting 'clear' |
= os.system('clear') --- Executes the clear function |
/\ |
Just a variable, can be changed to anything and will still work

Here is the raw code without all those tips so you can copy/paste

def clear():

# for windows 
if == 'nt': 
    _ = os.system('cls') 

# for mac and linux(here, is 'posix') 
    _ = os.system('clear') 

Also, here is a link to a sample project-

There is no way to know if this works on Windows, unless you go onto a windows device, but I have used this many times and it has worked for me.

I am sorry if any of this sounds condescending, but I just want to make sure that you understand this and know how to reproduce this function without copy/pasting

If you have any more questions, I encourage you to ask them. (Also, I am sorry if my replies keep showing up in your notifications, for some reason they keep deleting)

Trapdoorspyder (37)

@EthanCulp Thank you so much, and I will do it like that.

Smart0ne (0)

Very good game.