The Most Boring Game
Trapdoorspyder (103)

This game is incredibly boring. Please give it chance though, as the narrator does get rather lonely.

This project has been in the making for quite a while now. I originally started it for the game jam some time ago, but schedule restraints prevented me from finishing it in time. I am still working on it, but it should be fully functional.

Once you finish what I have currently created, please let me know what you think down in the comments. I appreciate any feedback and hope that everyone has a fun time playing it.

Thanks for playing!

Change log:

Minor changes to dialogue
Streamlined content to support replay in the future

Changed the method for 'clear'
Added replay ability
Added Menu after initial Playthrough
Added option to go straight to menu
Added Easter Eggs

Major bug fixes to Easter Egg system
Major changes to the 'Boss' Easter Egg dialogue

Added new chapter!
Removed Boss Easter Egg, due to difficulties with storyline

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Trooble (0)

line 359: vanilla not vannila.
line 642: encounter not encouter.
Sorry but I just had to point them out spelling errors annoy me lol.
Also this might take a while but as a suggestion maybe make a choice of slow, fast, or very fast reading to make the game progress faster. Fun game though!

Trapdoorspyder (103)

@Trooble Thank you for pointing out the spelling errors. Yes, providing an option to change the reading speed would take a ridiculous amount of time, I think. If you have any ideas to make that go faster, please let me know.