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The Only Unblocker You Need!
JordanDixon1 (458)

Unblocker V3

The final, most efficient unblocker on

Just hit run and it will open immediately. This is probably the fastest unblocker on

(Code is hidden in .env file, don't try to fork or it won't work.)


fastest unblocker on repl that I've seen

RedMonster12 (0)

it's not... quite... fast... enough

RedMonster12 (0)

where could i run this faster?

TTRmaniac (0)

import os

command = "bash firefox"


TheSylverUmbrie (0)

oh It's actually really laggy. I can use discord on the original, but not on this one. But I can login to my google account somehow. Not Bad!

YPD (1)

@TheSylverUmbrie If you want to run discord, then go to about:memory, and click on minimize memory usage. Then try to go to discord, and it'll work.

joetheboi (0)

sady its super laggy

joetheboi (0)

@joetheboi sadly cant run discord but on v2 i did

TyshawnBell (0)

for me its not running. ill press run and it will just reset. v2 im fine with, all thats wrong with v2 is sound but how are you gonna add sound to this anyways. if you are planning to that is

JordanDixon1 (458)

@TyshawnBell I'm hoping will provide sound for this...

realTronsi (907)

this "unblocker" got blocked on my school comp. Good attempt lel

JordanDixon1 (458)

@realTronsi I don't know how... What shows up, does firefox show up?

realTronsi (907)

@JordanDixon1 nope it's just blocked. If it's a proxy or something like that it automatically gets blocked on my school comp. We have some serious security on my school comps, I can't even access terminal.

JordanDixon1 (458)

@realTronsi no, no. There isn't a proxy... It literally just uses the bash terminal already on

realTronsi (907)

@JordanDixon1 hmm, I don't see how running a bash terminal could unblock things

JordanDixon1 (458)

@realTronsi (Well, there's more to it than that, but I don't want to go around telling everyone. Basically it opens firefox.)