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The Oregon Trail
XanderKleiber (20)

Welcome To The Oregon Trail!

I made this short Oregon Trail game for my Tech Exploration class. It took me about an hour to make, with additional features added afterwards, like colored text. Please provide any feedback in the comments. I may add those suggestions to the game!

  • By the way, if you buy every item in the shop twice, it perfectly takes up the $1,000.
DJWang (1358)

Wow! This certainly deserves tons of upvotes!


me and my friends died
j has Cholera.
n has dysentery.
m has measles
n has typhoid
n has died.
m has died.
j has died
n has died

TristanMisja (36)

@THEJOEMAN23 Hold on, I got the same result?

WyattKeenan (19)

Yeah. It's not a real game. The Events are scripted like that. Check the code.

TristanMisja (36)

@WyattKeenan Yeah I did. Pretty funny though :p

UzayAnil (22)

you need to wait a day if you want to survive @THEJOEMAN23

AdCharity (1360)

Historically this makes perfect sense :D

TrevorDavids (2)

If I had control of the world this would be my first step

You have set off on the Trail

Depression has Cholera

Math has Dysentery
Free Time has Measles

My life has Typhoid
Math has died

Free time has died

Depression has died

My life has Died

The end.

bacterio (2)

Well, this game is rigged...


Honestly just like the real game...

everyone dies

XanderKleiber (20)

I feel like some people are missing the intent of this game. This game is a Joke game. It is absolutely not meant to be taken seriously. With that being said, if anybody wants me to add new features to the game, please give me suggestions.


i looked at the code and you cant win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how do you win?
i have played 10 times and each time i died!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XanderKleiber (20)

@THEJOEMAN23 That's the joke. You can't win.

PatrickDeng (5)

honestly if you play 10 times you gotta find something to do with yourr life
@THEJOEMAN23 @XanderKleiber

kobynwinn (2)


WyattKeenan (19)

Xander says that that's the joke, but yeah, I feel like I've been cheated out of a game.

WyattKeenan (19)

Darn, I was hoping this was a game. It's funny if you play with the names though!


epic game

LittleNomster (112)

Good game, sad ending!

TrevorDavids (2)

The title makes a lot of sense to me.

greenbean765 (63)

everybody in my crew got a different disease on the first day and died immediately

greenbean765 (63)

oh okay turns out there isn't really a game here, it just kills you immediately

TobyS (57)

You have set off on the trail.

ooh lala has Cholera.

you has Dysentery.

jesus has Measles.

todd howard himself has Typhoid.

you has died.

jesus has died.

You have made it to the Kansas River!

ooh lala has died.

todd howard himself has died.

Y o u h a v e l o s t .