The PixiBoiii - JavaScript 2D Platformer Game
saintpal (15)

Hello guys I have made a game for the game Jam. It is a platformer based game made entirely using HTML Canvas with the map being made in Tiled. The game itself is very simple you have a BMO-like character, with whom you have to find and collect everysingle coin on the map, you have to find the lever, which you need to push and then you have to get back to the door in the beginning :) . The second level you just have to finish to end the game. The controls are very easy. W A S D to walk and jump and K to interact with the lever :D . Have fun guys. Here is the link to the game :

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kaldisberzins (313)

Add some css to the body: overflow:hidden. This will prevent the stuff off screen from scrolling wierd.

saintpal (15)

@kaldisberzins Thanks for the advice <3