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The Pokémon Battle System
TheCheeseCoder (53)

Pokémon Battle System

The 'Pokémon Battle System' is a program in which you can choose your Pokémon and battle it with another Pokémon. This game was inspired by the Pokémon Games made by Game Freak and Nintendo, as well as The Pokémon Company itself. I have spent a lot of time into this and it is on of the biggest projects I have done with Python 3.

Hope you enjoy!

And by the way the code is 350 lines long. (Roughly)

TheCheeseCoder (53)

I'll also be doing a update

eEmKupl (1)

Wow... Great idea, Amazing work! Upvote from me :)

IntellectualGuy (72)

You probably should add a function so they can switch pokemon to make the game longer and more fun.

NoNameByProgram (191)

but this is a valid number

RayhanADev (1215)

@NoNameByProgram you have chosen mimikyu

nononono this is clearly gen 1 so they chose MissingNo ofc xD

NoNameByProgram (191)

why do people make p o k e m o n posts still

RayhanADev (1215)

@NoNameByProgram honestly I’m kinda tired of seeing “Pokemon Battle Simulators” on especially in Python also why are there so many kids saying their below 13??

NoNameByProgram (191)

@RayhanADev here are a few reasons why they're saying their age:

  • they want to show it off
  • they use repl talk to show their projects to teachers (which is not the point of repl class)
  • they use their free will by doing so without thinking of the consequences

But this guy:

  • Says his name is TheKidCoder
  • Puts his age in a P.S.
  • And we almost know his birthday: "December ??, 2008"
RayhanADev (1215)

@NoNameByProgram dude this sad xd. Can a mod please censor this kid’s age (and all other ages?)

BlakeLeee (15)

I'm 671 gonna be 672 in January @NoNameByProgram

Duvangamer3845 (125)


TheCheeseCoder (53)

@priyaihsan Thanks for letting me know of the bug!

TheCheeseCoder (53)

ik but still :)
I'm not going to add hoenn or sinnoh or other regions starters next to the kanto trio but i needed 4 pokemon so i added pikachu

TeddyCook (0)

maybe you should have the moves repeat themselves with the attack desc

HongyiChen1 (0)

how do you even defeat charizard

BenjaminHannan (32)

Also, you guarantee that you are over the age of 13 when you sign up...

17stephensa (0)

this is great, but I keep losing(╥﹏╥)

sadlifeme (9)

this is impossible to win

TheCheeseCoder (53)

any updates i should add?

IntellectualGuy (72)

@TheKidCoder In the game you always have to fight Charizard so maybe you could add a few more pokemon to fight.

IntellectualGuy (72)

@TheKidCoder You could also add a website in which people can save their game, and resume any time.

ElanRodriguez3 (10)

Also, i just took a shower so i couldn't respond quickly.

TheCheeseCoder (53)

If you don't mind, can u help me make my code precise then?

TommyVictory (225)

@TheKidCoder just remove the empty space from 400 to 364

TheCheeseCoder (53)

And to everyone

I will fix that big -10 bug
what other things should i add?

ElanRodriguez3 (10)

This is a good game but I died, i used pikachu vs Charizard. LOL

TommyVictory (225)

me wondering why there is 47 extra lines of code

ThisUserTaken (235)

Since when was Pikachu a starter? I mean, Ash got one, but in the game, you don't get one unless its Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

RayhanADev (1215)

@ThisUserTaken my guy, have you even Pokemon Yellow’d xD. (The only character you get to start with is Pikachu, and Let’s Go were basically based off them)

ThisUserTaken (235)

@RayhanADev yes i have. but still. this is generation 1 starters .-.

JBYT27 (1180)

Some tips:

  1. Use \n to make a new line instead of print()
  2. Maybe add classes or dicts instead of lots of if statements
  3. To make the imports cleaner, just separate the imports with commas. Like import time, is, etc.
  4. Use the os.system(“clear”) more often

I hope this helps! ;)