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The Quest into Abquoria
JohnnyWobble (50)

This is my game for game jam, it's a text-based adventure game, although it has an Easter egg in it. The Easter egg is the 'magic word' from another text based game from the 70's, good luck! If you notice any errors or glitches or even just have a suggestion please tell me I would love to fix/add it. btw the easter egg can only be entered on the main menu (fight, run, inventory, use item).

If you want more information about the objects in the game, use that spreadsheet.

Audit Log:
4/3: fixed error with wrong input from .env file, and fixed easter egg
4/4: fixed hash for the easter egg because somebody who remain unnamed [ @aiden2904 ] reverse engineered the hash (this is not saying you should too)
4/5: Added a point system
4/8: Added gambling! it is probably very broken as I have had little time to test it, comment if you find an error or irregularity
4/9: Numerous patches to the gambling, more will come
4/15: The gambling portion was completely rewritten and should be bug free

Click below for the game.

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ebest (631)

you really gave it away with the cave adventure game. Searched it up and found it. The word is also the name of a tiny town in California. Look it up.

JohnnyWobble (50)

@ebest wow did not expect that

ebest (631)

@JohnnyWobble Did you change the secret?
it wasn't that hard. the cave adventure game and zzyzx put together in google search gave the new result.

pyelias (1481)

You might want to salt your hash or something, it's still not very hard to break.

JohnnyWobble (50)

@pyelias I looked in to doing that but I couldn't find a way of storing the salt securely

pyelias (1481)

@JohnnyWobble You shouldn't need to store it securely to counter rainbow table attacks. Brute-force is still possible, but could be mitigated by using a slower hashing algorithm or more rounds.

nithilan4 (238)

@nithilan4 Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 21, in <module>
File "", line 18, in main
File "", line 15, in startup
File "/home/runner/", line 55, in leftright
File "/home/runner/", line 46, in Decide
File "/home/runner/", line 89, in otherPerson
if not dice.bettingStart():
File "/home/runner/", line 32, in bettingStart
if not diceRoll(a[1]):
File "/home/runner/", line 103, in diceRoll
if a[0]:
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

JohnnyWobble (50)

@nithilan4 yeah i know the gambling part is so buggy and broken i am just rewriting it, so it will be out in a few days, I hoped you like the rest of the game though

katyadee (1200)

A good old fashioned text-based RPG. Nice work :)

JennieLiao (4)

Seems legit! Short on time so I couldn't play much, but I can see myself getting addicted to this and play for hours! Nice work c:

mitchellgeorge (1)

i think you game was very well coded and layed out. at point i felt it got very repatitve and i wasnt makingmuch proggres but other than that i felt it was very good.

JohnnyWobble (50)

@mitchellgeorge do you have any ideas to make it more interesting?

JohnnyWobble (50)

@mitchellgeorge I added a gambling part, so that may break up the monotney

jerrygao1 (1)

Is it possible to win the game? How many stages? Great game though.

JohnnyWobble (50)

@jerrygao1 yes, every time you get a monologue you have moved into the next level of difficulty, you need to kill 8 monsters to move up, there are 5 levels and once you kill 8 monsters on the 5th level you face the boss

kroozalin (2)

Ok at first I thought I didn't like text based games but you've proven me wrong. I've been playing since yesterday morning for at least 2 hours yesterday and 1 hour today... Great game!

JohnnyWobble (50)

@kroozalin thanks, that means a lot

minion3665 (13)

Might want to fix this...

it says

What weapon will you use?
1) fist infinite
2) wand <things.weapons object at 0x7f20896c0a90>hp
3) flail <things.weapons object at 0x7f20896c0a20>hp
4) hammer <things.weapons object at 0x7f20896c09e8>hp

as you can see it just says
<things.weapons object at 0x7f20896c09e8>hp
not an actual damage

JohnnyWobble (50)

@minion3665 yeah i am adding a feature, i should probably copy the main one and develop on another one, thanks for the reminder

dom489 (2)

play again feuture and perhaps a lr for left right

JohnnyWobble (50)

@dom489 done
thanks for the feedback

Randomdude (1)

Great game! I found the easter egg too


JohnnyWobble (50)

@Randomdude good job, was it too easy to find the easter egg?

Randomdude (1)

@JohnnyWobble It was hard for me but I found out later that
its the first thing that comes up when searched on Google.

JohnnyWobble (50)

@Randomdude ok i see now, i just searched it

JohnnyWobble (50)

Has anyone found the easter egg yet?

JohnnyWobble (50)

is anyone having errors that look like this,

kroozalin (2)

yup whenever I typed l for leave instead of r for run that'd happen, mainly because I was just used to clicking [email protected]

JohnnyWobble (50)

@kroozalin ok, thanks for the feedback i should be fixed within the next 10 minutes [fixed]