The Quest into Abquoria
JohnnyWobble (50)

This is my game for game jam, it's a text-based adventure game, although it has an Easter egg in it. The Easter egg is the 'magic word' from another text based game from the 70's, good luck! If you notice any errors or glitches or even just have a suggestion please tell me I would love to fix/add it. btw the easter egg can only be entered on the main menu (fight, run, inventory, use item).

If you want more information about the objects in the game, use that spreadsheet.

Audit Log:
4/3: fixed error with wrong input from .env file, and fixed easter egg
4/4: fixed hash for the easter egg because somebody who remain unnamed [ @aiden2904 ] reverse engineered the hash (this is not saying you should too)
4/5: Added a point system
4/8: Added gambling! it is probably very broken as I have had little time to test it, comment if you find an error or irregularity
4/9: Numerous patches to the gambling, more will come
4/15: The gambling portion was completely rewritten and should be bug free

Click below for the game.

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pyelias (1481)

You might want to salt your hash or something, it's still not very hard to break.

JohnnyWobble (50)

@pyelias I looked in to doing that but I couldn't find a way of storing the salt securely

pyelias (1481)

@JohnnyWobble You shouldn't need to store it securely to counter rainbow table attacks. Brute-force is still possible, but could be mitigated by using a slower hashing algorithm or more rounds.