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***The Scheduler***
CreeperKING112 (8)

Here Is My FIRST Project:

are you a no-schedule guy? Well if you are and want to be a Yes-schedule guy you came to the right place! Here is a scheduler for You. Remember that this is my first project. Plz tell me if I am missing something that a Yes-schedule guy needs.

also comment if YOU are a no-schedule guy or a yes-schedule guy.
I am probably going to update this thing-er this yes-schedule thing.

gameplayrawesom (126)

LOL. You should put a thing where you can put 'idk' for the day of the month! ;)

CreeperKING112 (8)

Also I am NOT going to use your information ANY WAY!
Hope you like the project. And plz upvote if This project made you a Yes-schedule guy.

ApoorvAgrawal (39)

You should make it so that it stores all of the info inside of a file, so it saves after you close the program

CreeperKING112 (8)

@ApoorvAgrawal well how do you save it in a file?
I been wondring

ApoorvAgrawal (39)

After 30 minutes of thinking, I have come up with an idea:
Since the information isn't too confidential, I mean, unless the user is going to put something highly confidential in there, You could make a new file for each user and have like a login system.

Or you could have a json file that stores the user's username and password, and the events associated with that and then have a login system.

But I don't think there is any way to hide that from someone that is looking the code, Unless you hash it. I am pretty sure that you can hash code and that someone on replit has made a tutorial on it.
Here's the link:

CreeperKING112 (8)

@ApoorvAgrawal now that is some serious programming!
I don't understand one bit of it (I am a very yes-beginner guy!).

ApoorvAgrawal (39)

@CreeperKING112 The only reason I know this is because you asked a question. This is a link to the website i learned how to use it from: