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The Story Of Geoff PREVIEW
BrickBoston (30)

This is a preview of a text adventure game of my "The Story Of Geoff".
I will make a sequel if it gets 10 upvotes or more

RayvelArjoon (87)

Needs a lot of work. Add in some while statements that repeat code if the player provides an illogical answer. For example, you asked for an integer input on line 9, but if the player provides something other than those 2 numbers it should repeat the code and print out a statement that says something like, "That is not an option! What should you do ----> ". This way, it makes the game more user friendly and enjoyable. Also, instead of having a blank line for players to put in answers, you could do something like this example:
answer = input("----> ")
This gives players a friendly input feature that allows them to feel like they are playing a smoothly developed game. Furthermore, you should add the import library of time so you can slow down code execution so it doesn't print out dozens of lines in less than a second:
import time
print("This is an example")
print("I am another line of code!")
The line where is says time.sleep(1), the value inside the brackets is a time in seconds.
You should try doing this to make your game styled better.
Also, try using functions for your battle sequences so that you use a lot less lines of code. It also makes your code easier to understand. Finally, add some whitespace so everything isn't crowded in the code window.
You did a good job with the story, though it could be developed a little more. Good job !

Japoll246 (14)

@RayvelArjoon I agree completely and as a semi-armature coder I know some of these things but hope to use more, there is at least one typo I found two but good game!

Japoll246 (14)

@Japoll246 forgot to add, you should make a playagain feture, for example:
playagain = n
while playagain == n:
print("would you like to playagain? (y/n)
fred = input("-------->")
or something like that so we dont have to exit and re-enter to play again.

BrickBoston (30)

@RayvelArjoon, this is just a proof of concept. I didn't mean for this to be scrutinized so heavily. I will add the time thing. If you want, I can send you the part of the story this is based on.

BrickBoston (30)

@RayvelArjoon, Also, do it in this order for an easter egg: 1, 2, 2, 3

RayvelArjoon (87)

@BrickBoston , Yes, I would like that. Also, I didn't mean for my criticism to sound so mean. I just wanted to suggest some things as I have a vast knowledge on Python and I just wanted to share some of my knowledge. I still think you did a good job though.
Falcon Punch!

BrickBoston (30)

@RayvelArjoon Also, if you want something with more polish (in a tiny number of select areas) (and even less in a great number), try my most advanced game, Attack Helicopter Simulator 2019 @

ECS74 (2)

10 upvotes and a sequel. Do your job everyone!

BrickBoston (30)

It might take a bit longer because python is being gradually phased out in stem at my school. Hope you guys understand!

BrickBoston (30)

10 Upvotes: Prepare for a follow up!

HarryAllex (0)

I'm upvote 10, I expect a sequel. Great game!

ProCode1227 (39)

Cool! Short, but cool