The largest collaborative (and possibly ugliest) website ever!
bramley (197)

(Edit) Amjad ( ceo) reported to me that there was some nsfw stuff uploaded to our site while I was on vacation. I think that may be why your a person's blocked it. I am currently in the process of removing all nsfw and potentially racist/offensive content from the site. You can DM me on twitter (@bramleylmao) or message me on repl mail if you have any more reports. The reason this started out having no barriers was because I had more faith in this community. Unfortunately, that was a foolish judgement on my part, and the rules shall be updated.
1. No NSFW
2. No Racism
If anyone had any information as to who was behind this most recent attack, contact me with the previously mentioned addresses.
Hey y'all's
I have a big boi idea
What if we made one giant webpage
With random stuff
And we had like a month to make the largest site possible?
Seems pretty lit, so if you wanna join before this maybe becomes a jam, join below:
Be epic and start doing stuff. Upload your fonts, pictures, games, or anything to this site and as Subway says:
Make it what you want!
P.S. Upvote this so everybody sees it!

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SunGame7 (2)

No one goes on this.

bramley (197)

@SunGame7 Really? 7 people have joined in the past 2 hours and the repl Twitter just retweeted by tweet about this. So maybe things are looking up. And if nobody really goes on, why do we have 2 people who have bought domains for this? And why did you go through the effort to restore the website?

SunGame7 (2)

@bramley I like the website, I am just saying lol