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The lottery!! (99% of people can't win) NOT CLICK BAIT
Daniel_Campos (11)

Play this amazing lottery game and see if you can win!

Tricksyz (18)

hand the cash over

UzayAnil (17)

I matched all of them!(I stole your answer, Sorry @Tricksyz)

sErn (9)

You don't need to call srand so many times. You can just type srand(time(NULL)) once at the beginning of your main function.

Giothecoder (130)

Sorry that was mean I’ll delete those.

acope169 (0)

its a scam
i won and only got 1 mil when it should be 10mil

mchapy1 (17)

I won on the second try with 4, 7, 19 as my numbers. Nice coding, I hope to see more cool things from you in the future!

Samurai493 (4)

3 wrong numbers=2 right numbers??

Giothecoder (130)

I would suggest revamping this with the c++11 random library, it provides uniformly distributed random numbers and several types of PRNGs with massive periods. 👍


That title is like every youtube title in my sisters recommended

UzayAnil (17)

please hand over the money
these are the results I got:
You matched all three numbers and got them in the same order! You win $1,000,000!
winning numbers [1] [20]