Bruteforce Password Guesser (I'm back)
Snowytrack (192)

After arduous nights and days wondering whether I should code another program, I'm back.

Bruteforce Password Guesser!

How it works:

You input a 4-lettered password that you want the computer to guess.

Press enter, and the computer will automatically get cracking at it.

Note: This program does take a long time since it is Bruteforce lol and it does it randomly each time. The amounts of passwords guessed can reach 100 million and more!

Edit: OMG Thanks for all of the support I’ve been getting on this repl recently! 56 upvotes is insane, so thank you so much!


Also, my programs usually don't get a ton of upvotes, and I work really hard on them, so if you enjoy my program, make sure to upvote; its free, and it motivates me a ton!

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realTronsi (192)

There is a more efficient way to crack even longer passwords than just for loops. There are "password dictionaries" which contain "keywords" that are found in most passwords, which most password crackers use. Those dictionaries can crack passowords such as [email protected][email protected] very easily.

Most passwords are also hashed, so most crackers will have to run on special GPUs designed for hashing up to 30 billion times a second.

You could look into that, there are some free dictionaries that you could definitely find online and could probably get you up to at least 8 characters