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numcomx (110)

There is no content, just the car and some obstacles :/

kouellette02 (0)

@numcomx: 0/10 IGN. Not enough LightingMcQueen

numcomx (110)

@kouellette02: hahahaha, i can't believe this game has a lot of votes XD
i know maybe a newbie made this game, but at least it should have an start and end, it don't have a goal, it just a copy paste of a tech demo XD

Gordon_Ramsay (26)

@numcomx: you can mess with the speed. I went to 999999999999999999999999999. :)

mariojavach (1)

@numcomx: what have you achieved?

numcomx (110)

@mariojavach: is this a question or a reclaim?
it's unfair this one have a lot of votes and i can't really say this is a game
it don't have goals, or try to get high scores as a goal o even a game over screen.
it is a very limited techdemo

Other guys here posted a lot of Text Adeventure Games and those are really games, has goals, gameovers, are fun to play and looks like they really worked hard to make it work

TotallyNotMessi (0)

@numcomx: Well just to fill you in, apart with this, this is being used in a classroom to teach how to make games using JS. Just an fyi

haya (8)

@numcomx: @mariojavach we can tell when it's fake votes and who is cheating. Don't sweat it. Enjoy your time here in, and let's keep the good feedback here.

numcomx (110)

@haya: no problem, just trying to give my 2 cents, my feedback was not too constructive, sorry if i went too far on any of my comments. :)

hayaodeh (195)

@numcomx: all good :) we love it that you express your ideas and thoughts here! it makes us very happy. I do understand that many people feel annoyed and uncomfortable with fake votes, this is something we're trying to solve.

JustinBulmer1 (0)

@numcomx: If you think about it, I think that the creator intended to not have a beginning and a end. I appreciate his vision and taking risks as well as going against the norm. Because society always expects an ending but sometimes a ending is not necessary when the story is just staring you right in the face, you just need to look it in the eyes.

Krod24 (1)

@numcomx: Only newbies see bad content. Real coders and gamers see quality in this game. And there is a goal in the game: to get the highest score. And my goal is to help you with typing on a simple keyboard to have correct grammar. I guess that's too hard for you but it makes sense because your a newbie.

FactualPhil (0)

@krod24: fax, but no hate please.

JustinBulmer1 (0)

@factualphil: yeah chill man, we don't want any casualties.

numcomx (110)

@justinbulmer1: i see he updated the game, it did not have scores at first neither messages when jumping and it alredy got a lot of votes, that was my concern. :)

JFKCccclay (0)

@numcomx: Did you create a game?

Krod24 (1)

@factualphil: The only one hating is numcomx

numcomx (110)

@krod24: i have bad grammar cause english is not my native language.
i have a lot of experience as a web developer, i have some experience as game developer.
So, im not a newbie as you say :)
my initial concern was he did't even have a high score system or feedback messages when jumping or colliding and got a lot of votes.

But i see he already updated the game

JustinBulmer1 (0)

@numcomx @krod24 Could you please keep a docile environment we want positive vibes. So lets set our differences aside and be friends!

Krod24 (1)

@justinbulmer1: Sounds good to me! Less hate makes the world better!

numcomx (110)

@justinbulmer1: sounds good to me, it's not hate XD just was an initial feedback and concern :)