Gold Hunt
dosmaster4life (328)

Hunt the golden ball and avoid the dangerous obstacles that can damage your score!

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JefferyHatch (0)

This game is great. I like how you created the screen to move with the player.

icegod (0)

@jefferyhatch: This ... is ... NOTHING! I coded something much better in python pygame. It took me only 4 hours.

dosmaster4life (328)

@icegod: Thank you for your support! I would like to see your source code, it sounds interesting.

dosmaster4life (328)

@icegod: I looked at your projects, I think they look cool but i would be better if you put images in your projects instead of pure text.

Case_Buttitta (40)

@icegod: Could I see the source for this all great pygame project, if it exists

Mosrod (391)

@icegod: I would like to see you on the leader-board then

TrevorMershon (0)

@icegod: My games are ok. You should see one :)

Posiedon (20)

@icegod: Nobody freaking cares