Empty REPL
Coder100 (6451)

Empty repl

I did it! I made an empty REPL!
So useless...
So unopinionated...
Go ahead... fork it, make a .replit file and let the magic happen!

How to recreate it

  • Create a repl.it from here
  • Now it will do the usual stuff asking you to specify a language and run command. Ignore it. Delete the .replit file.
  • Reload.
  • Cross your fingers that it works...
  • It does hooray!
    Or you can just fork this project.

Why I made this

I made this because I was doing some heroku business and then I was inspired by the fact that I had to make an empty repo each time to make a new application and put all my desktop code on it via git. I thought gee could I do the same with repl.it? Indeed I can :)

Please vote up if you liked the emptiness!

Please post your REPLs if it has worked for you!

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TurtleAndrew (45)

This game is so dope!!!! Nice job.