Yellow Stone Zombies: An Apocalypse Game (300 Cycles Special)
BobTheTomatoPie (1061)

Yellow Stone Zombies

After the Yellow Stone Super Volcano erupted a zombie apocalypse began, your goal is to fight your way to the final boss at the Yellow Stone Caldera.

Thanks to These people for Weapon Ideas

@ash15khng , @DynamicSquid , @Codemonkey51 , and @Commander07 , they gave me some great ideas for weapons.

Thanks to this person for some design ideas



When it asks for you to enter the name of an item you would like to use, make sure to enter it exactly, CAPS MATTER.

Have fun

This actually took me a while to make, I put a lot of hard work into ideas for the game, so have fun.

Let me know if you beat it Cause I will upvote all of your posts if you do (must have proof)!!

If you beat it you're the first!

Don't be confused by my new profile pic

Thanks to @Codemonkey51 for my beautiful pfp.

Please Upvote!!

Signing out, BobTheTomatoPie!

P.S: Updates Coming Soon

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syflexer (467)

This game is super cool and fun to play i made it to the third area

BobTheTomatoPie (1061)

Wow, did you have a lazer gun or something cause I've never made it that far @syflexer

syflexer (467)

@BobTheTomatoPie in fact I did have a lazer gun lol

syflexer (467)

@BobTheTomatoPie i am going to see if i can beat it

BobTheTomatoPie (1061)

No the best is the squid gun, but that one is so rare, and also you would probably get past stage 3 with it @syflexer

syflexer (467)

@BobTheTomatoPie i have now tryed like 10 times 1 time i got a lazer trident but then i tried to use steroids and there was a error

BobTheTomatoPie (1061)

Gl with that , when i was making i cheated and still lost @syflexer

BobTheTomatoPie (1061)

Oh damn im sorry, thats not supposed to happen, ill fix it @syflexer

syflexer (467)

@BobTheTomatoPie i got that one as a first item but then i missclicked and i closed the tab before i could use it dang it

syflexer (467)

@BobTheTomatoPie The best strat is to spend your health on items then rest to heal and repeat till you get a really good item

BobTheTomatoPie (1061)

I hate resting cause it takes all that time @syflexer

syflexer (467)

@BobTheTomatoPie Thats why i am coding a game on another screen while i play