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This is a Talking Computer
rupinYAY (9)

It is a Computer which can talk. It talks by the words you put in the text box. This was made by javascript, and html.

mwilki7 (1111)

It is not working for me, I think it's because you got a duplicate line at line 22:

line 17:    const utterance = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance(text)
line 18:    utterance.rate = speedInput.value || 1
line 19:    utterance.addEventListener('end', () => {
line 20:      textInput.disabled = false
line 21:    })
line 22:--> })
line 23:    textInput.disabled = true
line 24:    speechSynthesis.speak(utterance)
rupinYAY (9)

Thanks Jakman appreciate btw I am only ten years old doing this so yeah. Thanks SushiPhyton I like javascript a lot.

SushiPython (50)

Nice! A JavaScript TTS!

Jakman (458)

very very nice. A man of quality. I will watch your posts with great joy.

rupinYAY (9)

it works now sorry did not see

rupinYAY (9)

Do you guys like it?


it doesn't work :(