[New levels] 🔴 WebGL Rolling Sky
JSer (1320)

Make sure to check out my another game! https://repl.it/talk/challenge/3D-Online-Multiplayer-Shooter/5323

And also my new programming language! https://repl.it/talk/share/NOOBLANG-v2/5486

One of my older projects
Used the Three.js library
100% made by me!
Play 👉 https://rolling-sky--jser.repl.co/

🎮 How to play:

  • Click or touch the screen to start
  • 🖱 Control the ball with your mouse or your finger 👆
  • Don't let the ball to fall 'till the end!

💡 Tips:

  • At first you'll feel hard to control the ball, but try more and it'll be more comfortable to play
  • 📱 If you're on a mobile device, it's best to rotate the screen to portrait

Inspired by the original Rolling Sky avaliable on App Store or Google Play
More levels and features will be added in the future
👇 Report bugs or give suggestions in the comments below 👇
👍 Don't forget to give me an upvote!

Bonus: Level designer (Beta)

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asazeren (4)

This is a very good game for this contest, and it was very addicting. However, I felt it should have many levels, so I wrote a (quite ugly) level loader for it: https://repl.it/@asazeren/WebGL-Rolling-Sky-With-Loader
As you can see. My css skill is rather, absent.
Awesome game!

JSer (1320)

@asa-zeren: Now you can make a level designing tool with that

asazeren (4)

@iamcaleblol: That is next on my list. Or a level importer from text.

asazeren (4)

A crude level designer is up at the same link as before. Click on level designer; design your level; hit store; hit back; load custom; hit play!

asazeren (4)

I just noticed that while it works in the repl.it browser, it doesn't work when I open the webpage in Chrome. I have no idea why. Any ideas?