Stickiamese #BJGJ
darknew (17)


Darknew's game for the BramJam Game Jam.


Welcome to Stickiamese !

Stickiamese is a two player local game, where each player incarn a small character in a bubblegum world. Your goal is to reach the other door, in order to move on from level to level.

However, there is a slight trick : You and your partener are bound for life by a magic link. So you will have to stick together in order to finish the levels, in every meaning of the word.

How to play

Just click on the play button

But seriously, here are a few advice to enjoy the game at its full potential :

  • If you are stuck on a level, it is normal. The levels don't go from the easiest to the hardest. You can find really hard level in the 10 first, and really easy one in the ten last. So if you are stuck, just skip the level with the arrow on the top left corner of your screen. Moreover, new features are introduced every 5-10 level, so make sure to stay and try every level :)
  • If you are uncomfortable with the controls or play with an AZERTY keyboard like me, go to parameters and change them.
  • I recommend turning on the volume of your computer to enjoy the musics and sound effects. However, if you dislike the music or are used to play without sound, you can turn it off with the button on the bottom right corner of your screen. The audio in this game is not mandatory.
  • Play this game with a good friend or someone you are close to, because communication and synchronisation is key in this game.
  • Loading may take a long time, especially if you have a poor connection. I myself have a poor connection, and it can take up to 20 seconds to load, which is long for a website. This is because when you launch the game, it loads every level, every asset, and every music at once for a smoother gameplay afterwards. So if you see a bluesceen for a while, it is perfectly normal


Disclaimer : If you are not interested in my life, you won't be interested in this section

First of all, I want to give a huge thank to Bramley for this game jam, because I think the theme was really interesting. As soon as I read the theme, I thought of a lot of different ideas, all weird and unusual. Most of them were arcade games though. Moreover, a few days before, I had started to learn Phaser, and wanted to know more about this physic engine.

It is why I went for an arcade game with Phaser. Also, because I was still an apprentice with physics engines, I didn't want to spend all of my time on online and socket stuff, so I decided to do a local game. In my opinion, solo game wasn't an option, as the theme was sticking together.

The first day, I watched and read a lot of tutorials on phaser, and let my ideas mature.

The second day, I made my first map with Tiled, and I created the red character.

The third day, I created the second character and the rope between them. I also did a basic main menu with a play button. It was my first time using a physic engine, and I have to admit, I thought it would take much longer. In three days, I had my two characters and the map. With two days left to do whatever I wanted.

So in two days, I started implementing whatever I thought of. It is why in the game, there are a lot of new features appearing in further levels. I wanted to do locked doors and keys, I did locked doors and keys. I wanted to do springs, I did springs. For testing purposes (and only for testing) I spent a lot of time playing to the game with my little sister, and she asked for portals. So I made portals.


I would like to thank a lot Bramley, the jury, and every person involved in the organisation of this game jam. I know during the corona crisis, people might not have a lot of time, especially developpers, and it is why I really appreciate those who made this fun game jam.

Also, I would like to credit my little sister, because why not, and also because I did a lot of testings with her, and the idea and animation for portals came from her.

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sugarfi (472)

This is amazing! Great job!