Grades Clicker (Re-post)
RohilPatel (1070)

yes, I am aware that my post was taken away, but I want to hear some suggestions from you guys. Thanks!

Grades Clicker

  1. Click
  2. Search Upgrades
  3. Redeem
  4. Repeat lol.


  1. I wanted to make something that was simple popular
  2. I wanted to make something, as I was out of ideas
  3. I wanted to give my friend a challenge for html and css, as I felt too lazy to do it, but I ended up doing most of it anyway lol :)
  4. I wanted to hit 200 upvotes before March 2020.


If you would like to contribute or suggest something to this website, please talk in the comments below, and I will be sure to reach out to you ASAP. Also, if anyone knows any way of shortening the code, please let me also know that, and I'll award 5% credit to each person who makes a worthwhile contribution or suggestion. Thanks to you all, and please be patient! I'm a bad coder!


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JacobMacLeod (11)

This is good! I remember I made a similar game a year or two ago, but it wasn’t as good. A design note: Buying 5 points costs 250 but buying 10 points costs 600. This means it is cheaper to by 2 lots of 5 points. You could change this, maybe make it give you 15 points for 600, and change the amount of points it gives you for 1520 or something.
Also, when you buy LOTS of auto clickers, the numbers are still going up, but it only refreshes(test score resets, test number increases) when you click the button.
Anyways, it’s a good game no nonetheless. Good luck in getting 200 upvotes!

RohilPatel (1070)

Thank you! I'd appreciate if you would share this with your friends and upvote this post if you want! Thanks! @JacobMacLeod