Grades Clicker (Re-post)
RohilPatel (769)

yes, I am aware that my post was taken away, but I want to hear some suggestions from you guys. Thanks!

Grades Clicker

  1. Click
  2. Search Upgrades
  3. Redeem
  4. Repeat lol.


  1. I wanted to make something that was simple popular
  2. I wanted to make something, as I was out of ideas
  3. I wanted to give my friend a challenge for html and css, as I felt too lazy to do it, but I ended up doing most of it anyway lol :)
  4. I wanted to hit 200 upvotes before March 2020.


If you would like to contribute or suggest something to this website, please talk in the comments below, and I will be sure to reach out to you ASAP. Also, if anyone knows any way of shortening the code, please let me also know that, and I'll award 5% credit to each person who makes a worthwhile contribution or suggestion. Thanks to you all, and please be patient! I'm a bad coder!


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3465728974563 (53)

This is good, but next time could you please put a little more effort into it before you make a post about it? It looks good, but there isn't very much to do. Also don't name your post "best clicker game", because that might not be true. It's not a very good idea to make accusations like that when others have something that might be way better. I mean this is just a very basic clicker with not that much effort put into it at all. Here's an example: . It's one that I made. I'm not saying it's better, just that you need to look at what others have made before you claim something like that.

3465728974563 (53)

I'm just stating the truth. It's not my fault that you made a post claiming that you made "the best clicker game" with hardly any effort put into it. There's a total of 345 lines of code, and html and css aren't really coding languages, more just website builders. I'm not trying to be rude, just stating facts. @RohilPatel

RohilPatel (769)

So u dislike the promotion facts? @3465728974563

3465728974563 (53)

Promotion facts? Are you talking about the fact that every person that comments on this you tell them to up vote and get their friends to up vote it? @RohilPatel

avibeskrowni (115)

@RohilPatel @3465728974563's was basically a copy without the original's permission so yours is much better.

RohilPatel (769)

Thank you! I've also come a long way in coding, so you can see those projects, this was literally 3 months ago @avibeskrowni