A Representation of 50/50 chance
Zexogon (905)

Now i know this is not some amazing WOW NEW GAME project or anything but i made this and realized that this was a good representation of 50/50 chance how this works is that there is a 50% chance the program will add a to the string and there is a 50% chance that the program will take away a star from the program and running this shows how even your odds are. for me every time i run it the 's almost always take up about half the screen which shows how a 1 in 2 chance is truly 1 in 2. this can be represented with a coin toss too with the * side being heads and the blank side being tails. just a neat thing i made i thought you guys might want to see enjoy

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boothisrael (3)

This is like a really fun background or screensaver.