A chaotic generator that makes the funniest (and occasionally cringe) sentences
Centslord (102)

Hey everybody, I made a dare generator that makes weird dares you can give your friends to do.

It occasionally makes perfect sense, but do it anyway!

What will be the weirdest dare you come up with?

Counter --> 80 upvotes!? Thanks!

EDIT 2: 10:37 am, June 24: Added Colors!

EDIT 3: 10:50 am, June 24: Added a "While True" loop so you don't have to run the program every time!

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Jakman (330)

This is low quality trash. This is literally just 40 lines of code with a randomizer and a bunch of strings. That is all this is.

studentAlfredAl (391)

lol sry @Jakman
But I just wanted to point out, that coding projects don't always need to be a ton of effort. As long as they give people a sense of enjoyment, and in this case make them laugh, then it is okay. This is just my opinion :)

Jakman (330)

@studentAlfredAl i want you to read what you just wrote very slowly.

studentAlfredAl (391)

I mean, some of them made me laugh... :) @Jakman