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This is my very first AI program, I hope you guys like it.
karthikkhatri (25)

Guess a number from 1 through 10. You can change the range in the program if you would like, to make it more interesting.


It’s a very good game and your on the right path but it’s not an ai like in JavaScript math.ramdom is not programming an ai also a personal tip when your making input after the question put 2 or 1 spaces so the users text is combined with the programs

themaka (183)

Hi kathikkhatri,

This is great start. What if you had it ask if we wanted to play again?

You could even keep track of our best guess and let us know "It only took you 5 tries -- your best game took you 3 tries!"


karthikkhatri (25)

@themaka gud idea, I'll do that 👍