Bruteforce Password Guesser (I'm back)
Snowytrack (192)

After arduous nights and days wondering whether I should code another program, I'm back.

Bruteforce Password Guesser!

How it works:

You input a 4-lettered password that you want the computer to guess.

Press enter, and the computer will automatically get cracking at it.

Note: This program does take a long time since it is Bruteforce lol and it does it randomly each time. The amounts of passwords guessed can reach 100 million and more!

Edit: OMG Thanks for all of the support I’ve been getting on this repl recently! 56 upvotes is insane, so thank you so much!


Also, my programs usually don't get a ton of upvotes, and I work really hard on them, so if you enjoy my program, make sure to upvote; its free, and it motivates me a ton!

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Muffinlavania (1254)

This is pretty cool! Good job with the random letter thingie, and if you want the program to be a bit more efficient, you can use for loops! It would be something like this

for letter1 in allLetters:
    for letter2 in allLetters:
        for letter3 in allLetters:
            for letter4 in allLetters:

And then something else, like if password==userthing
This way it would go through the list like aaaa aaab aaac and so on, just a suggestion I guess

Snowytrack (192)

@FishingFights Yea, I understand that my programs aren't really efficient, but I had fun making them! Thanks for the helpful feedback everyone!

Muffinlavania (1254)

@Snowytrack it may or may not be 4am where i am... but i dont know why i wanted to say this, even though it is pretty stupid, you can do this

print(blue+"This text is blue")

Instead of

print("This is blue")

This method just seems simple, and it cuts down on the size of thing too, im just saying this because I looked at your coding story and saw you were doing it the second way.

Also dont take this too serious, im just bored

Snowytrack (192)

@Muffinlavania ight thanks for the feedback!

AnuskaGiri1 (0)

@Snowytrack it is still loading it has been 20 min