📰 XKCD Comic Viewer 📝
eankeen (1268)

😌 So I made a viewer for the xkcd comics


  • Automatically switch through comics every ~10 seconds
  • <space> to manually switch comics. "Manual mode" stops after ~15 seconds
  • Loading indicator at top of screen
  • Dynamic shadow below comic
  • Hovering over comic gives special 3D effects
  • If the comics are to small, just zoom in (although images will pixelate)

It definitely could be better, in terms of quality and consistency, but it's fine now. Works best in Chrome, mostly in Firefox, and not really in Edge.

Click to see it in action!

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Kognise (410)

This is really cool! The animations have been a little glitchy for me, though.

eankeen (1268)

@Kognise oh no! are you doing weird things with your mouse or do you have a different browser?