ReplStats: Search analytics data for web REPLs!
frissyn (447)

Like a lot of my projects lately, I made this on a Tuesday while I was bored out of my mind.


ReplStats is a very simple and rudimentary analytics tool for viewing your web REPLs hits by day. One day, I stumbled upon @amasad's express API for repl-stats here, and while I could pretty easily figure out how to use it, I couldn't find any other endpoints. (Although the CEO is more than welcome to discuss that in the comments 👀). I scrape the data from that API to provide you with some simple stats: your best/worst hits by day and a pretty graph with timestamps for each day! (Powered by chart.js)

✨There isn't really much more to say, except to enjoy!✨

Here's an example:

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DSAEvan (17)

This is really useful!!!!!! I posted one of my repl links somewhere and I thought only one person saw my repl, turns out over 300 people, Oh man!!!
P.S. That's a lot of people.

frissyn (447)

@DSAEvan I don't mean to be a downer, but it's not really 300 unique hits, someone could reload the page a couple times or navigate to different paths, causing more hits to show, even though it's just one person.

DSAEvan (17)

@frissyn yeah but that's still a lot of people