Coder100 (6575)

Euler's Number

Basically, this is Leonhard Euler:

One of his eyes cannot see because he got ill. He is one of the best mathematicians ever.

Derive E

Covered in my WEEKLY, you can use limits (I used this one):

Or, as @ApoorvSingal told me :D


You can use it for your awesome natural logarithms and also exponential growth/decay.


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JosephSanthosh (1100)

This is so confusing -- what does your program do?

JosephSanthosh (1100)

is this a calculator? um the program. @Coder100

Coder100 (6575)

oh, well the weekly says praise E @JosephSanthosh

Coder100 (6575)

this program does all things e: calculate it and a calculator for its purposes @JosephSanthosh

JosephSanthosh (1100)

How do you use ur calculator? @Coder100

JosephSanthosh (1100)

You said this was a calculator how do I use it? @Coder100

Coder100 (6575)

well, it kinda is a calculator a bit misleading it "calculates" e @JosephSanthosh

Coder100 (6575)

use arrow keys to move and enter to do stuff @JosephSanthosh

JosephSanthosh (1100)

oh ok -- that was confusing. @Coder100