Tip calculator
StevenMatiz (4)

A simple calculator to help with tipping your waiter or waitress.

Asks the user for the bill, then prompts the user to pick any of the most common tip percentage options (15%, 18%, or 20%), and finally provides the user the original bill, tip, and the final bill. Also features a return option to rerun the program.

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AsaM (0)

This is super cool! Also am I reading this wrong or is "The bill after the tip is" supposed to subtract the tip from the bill?
Here is what I got. I thought it would add the bill and the tip but I'm kind of simple some times...

Please pick a tip option for $20.00.

Press 1 for 12% (minimum tip).
Press 2 for 15% (medium tip).
Press 3 for 20% (high tip).

Enter option here: 3

The bill is $20.00
The tip is $4.00
The bill after the tip is $16.00
StevenMatiz (4)

Hey! So believe it or not, I went out to a restaurant (Buffalo Wild Wings) and I used this and ran into the exact same problem. As it turns out, I made a little comprehension mistake when I typed the code! In the code, I programmed final bill as "bill"-"tip" instead of "bill" +"tip". It was a good laugh when I saw that my "final bill" was less than my original bill! Anyways, if I hadn't gone out tonight, I bet I wouldn't have found this. Thank you for catching this and bringing it to my attention!