Use VS Code Themes on!
Scoder12 (802)

VS Code Themes on

Hello guys, I figured out how to make use a custom color theme and wanted to share it with everyone!
I made a server in python that downloads the themes and a website that makes it super easy to install!

All you need to do is pick your favorite theme from the visual studio marketplace
and follow the instructions on the website. My favorite theme is EliverLara.Andromeda, specifically the italic variant.
What is yours? Share your favorite theme in the comments!

Set up a theme here: on the website


If this gets a large enough response, it will be officially added to the site!
Reach out in the comments, twitter, or discord if you would like this!


8/11 v0.2: Font styling (italic and underline) now works

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MarcusWeinberger (678)

This is super neat! I like that theme you use, I might start using it myself