The most complicated "hello world" program in a single line
MarcusWeinberger (598)

How it was made

First, I went through all the characters in "hello world" and used ord to find their numerical values. Using the argcount of a bunch of lambdas, I got a list of numbers 1 through 7. Using that list, I simply did some maths to get the numbers and printed them as ascii using chr.

I wrapped this in a couple lambdas using globals().update to set variables inline ( recently updated to python 3.8 so I could have used the := operator however it appears not to work in list comprehension) and bam.

(ignore the syntax errors, it still runs)

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SixBeeps (3757)

This is too good. And it's in exactly 555 chars :D


And I noticed something else: 555 chars in the code, and 5 upvotes for first comment, 5 for the second one, and 5 for the third! This post is all about fives. @SixBeeps


And the first time I looked at your reply, it was posted 5 seconds ago! @SixBeeps