Beatles Fan Page (Give Me Design Tips/Suggestions Please!)
stacksonstack (10)

Hello world! This is my first time posting my code on or any other community board. This is my final project for my web development 1 class and I'm working with @securethebags . Although this isn't due for another month and there are many changes we want to make and pages we want to add there is always room for improvement! I would really appreciate it if you checked it out and gave me any design tips/suggestions you have that would improve our website.

Thanks in advance!

I probably wouldn't have posted this until it was completely finished but after speaking with @hayaodeh yesterday I was inspired to put myself out there and become a part of the developer community by sharing my code despite it's in completion.

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hayaodeh (187)

This website looks amazing! Looks like an actual template for people to use and pay for it. Love it 😍😍 Thanks a lot for sharing! and I'm glad that our convo helped 🙏I learned through the years it's better to share early on and get other people's feedback on my work and put myself out there as well, cause just like you, as a designer I wanted to be a perfectionist, then I ended up with sharing absolutely nothing.

I'm so happy to see your work and style out there! looking forward to seeing more of it!

stacksonstack (10)

Yes! Thank you !! ^-^@hayaodeh