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Three Projects
BlueComet (115)


Hi everyone I have made three projects in JS. I know they are very simple, but this is my first time coding JS. I have made Guess the number, Rock, Paper, Scissors, and a Calculator.

Guess the number

For Guess the number enter you have to guess a number randomly generated from 1 - 100 and you have to guess it. Don't enter a decimal or that will be a waste of a guess.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I made Rock, Paper, Scissors. And if you don't enter what your supposed to then there will be an invalid input.


I made a calculator. It can

+ -> Add
- -> Subtract
* -> Multiply
/ -> Divide
^ -> Exponent
! -> Factorial
F -> Fibonacci

How I made it

I made every game a function and at the end I put all of the into a while true loop to implement a play again feature and a console.clear().
I hope you enjoy it!

Roar123 (424)

Great that you're learning JS!