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Tic Tac Toe Bot
smwhalen94 (19)

Here is a tic tac toe game that allows you to both verse another human or an AI. The AI uses the randint algorithm to determine what space it will choose, so sometimes you will be able to beat the AI but other times it will be impossible! I also have implemented the play board using turtle so you can see where you and your opponent have gone. I also added a little easter egg in AI mode, see if you can find it and Good luck beating the AI! Have Fun !

Barry123 (345)

Computer goes first all the time

smwhalen94 (19)

@Barry123 I tried it out myself and it is random, looks like you just had the luck of the computer going first for the games you played.

Barry123 (345)

It said I lost when it was a tie

smwhalen94 (19)

@Barry123 I fixed the issue where the computer thinks it wins when there is actually a tie

cgorji19 (0)

What is this dumb poo

smwhalen94 (19)

@cgorji19 I always wondered what a nine year old would say if they ran my code.. Now I know! Thanks Gojira ;)

oignons (314)

@cgorji19 please don't be mean, this person took time to create this.