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Tofu - @coderash and @galamphin's game so far
coderash (278)

A great game of building up your cash pile and getting rewards!
To learn how to play, press help.

coderash (278)

If you know how to solve any errors, please post a comment!

argthe1st (86)

I suggest looking into Bootstrap( to create prettier buttons and maybe even FontAwesome ( for some icons. Also, CSS is a BIG help, and you might want to use it more (especially in formatting the icons with the text). This is a website I recently created using Flask(python framework) that uses Bootstrap along with CSS, icons from font awesome and jQuery(Javascript Library) that hosted on heroku.
Also if you want to see just a bootstrap button example:

coderash (278)

@argthe1st Thanks so much, We'll look into it, still in progress!

coderash (278)

@argthe1st I'll show @galamphin, He does all the CSS, I do the JS!

Galamphin (112)

@argthe1st Can you use bootstrap with repl? Because one of the rules of the game jam is that it has to be made with repl.

argthe1st (86)

@Galamphin Yeah, Bootsrap is just an open source 3rd party toolkit for the web (so in that sense it is similar to Pygame for Python). you can just use the Boostrap cdns (meaning you don't have to download anything) to start using bootstrap. In the beginning, it may seem a bit hard, but eventually it gets easier.

timmy_i_chen (1116)

Nice! Would love to see how this grows :)