Ace your online classes with Kahooter!
RogueHalo (402)

So, this is a very simple yet amazing program that simply sends a request to get the answers to any Kahoot quiz! Cool Right?

It has a few bugs in creating a file, but those can wait. For now you'll just have to read the answers from the command line.

Simply enter the challenge ID, sit back and let the program to do the rest of the work.

Hope this helps anyone who wants to be top of the class!

Thanks and Enjoy!

ps - morally, is this wrong? Yes. But who is going to care?

Edit: Glad you all like it, will be making either a web app or a Python GUI for it next!

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DannyColton (2)

Traceback (most recent call last):
file "mainpy", line 28 in <module>
for questions in json_kahoot

firefish (422)

@DannyColton The creator is probably asleep... because of timezones.
I know I'm not the person you are looking for but to me you posted this comment at 2 AM, just demonstrating my point

RogueHalo (402)

@DannyColton Hey, yeah it was 1 in the morning for me when you left a comment. It has some issues with creating the file on replit that I'm going to fix when I have time, download it and run it on your computer and the file should be created without issue.

DannyColton (2)

@JacksonCowie sorry for that I didn't know

HahaYes (1177)

@JacksonCowie is it line 28 that is buggy?