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True Love Scanner
cgolden15 (186)

Just a simple program I threw together in honor of my uncle who took his own life. If you feel lonely, depressed or otherwise, please talk to someone, drop a comment, or anything, just please know that there are people who care. This program can accurately find out if you have true love coming into your life. Please consider upvoting and commenting, it means a lot to me.

AdCharity (1357)

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, not sure how true love relates... was your uncle depressed over a relationship? (sorry if I'm prying here)

cgolden15 (186)

@AdCharity It's alright, and yes. He was 35 and single all his life, he ended up taking his life due to that.

epicman702 (462)

@cgolden15 this makes me even more depressed

cgolden15 (186)

@epicman702 If you don't mind me asking, why is that?

Imthebestthe (98)

@cgolden15 I would just like to say that i am soooooo sorry that you uncle died. but i would like to say that going through you program made me reignite my hope in the world.
and for that, i am truly thankful.
Thank you
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

epicman702 (462)

@cgolden15 Its the comment
Not the code
The code is amazing and it made my day!

Zavexeon (1178)

Such a wholesome little program <3. I'm very sorry to hear about your uncle. ;-;

NikolasCarender (4)

I love this. Even though I looked at the code, this made my day. Sorry to hear about your uncle tho.

cgolden15 (186)

@NikolasCarender Thanks Nikolas, glad to have made your day!

amasad (3240)

So sorry about your uncle -- this is a beautiful program to honor them.

DartZII (1120)

I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle, I’m always here if you need to talk friends

epicman702 (462)

Sorry about ur uncle

by the way: Beginning is spelt wrong

3941driB (37)

UMMM, this is just a bunch of print() statements separated by time.sleep() calls, not much (cough-cough) scanning involved.

cgolden15 (186)

@3941driB Noooo, really? First off, the point of the program isnt to be a big complicated thing, its supposed to be a small wholesome program that might just make someone's dau a little bit better. Secondly, of friccn course it isn't scanning your brain, nobody ever thought it was.

RogueHalo (403)

Very wholesome. F for your Uncle. But not a fan of the edit lol.

epic_dragondrag (2)

I could feel my brain being sucked out of me for a second.


I want to make a memey comment, but the code and description is so wholesome I can't do it ;-;

cgolden15 (186)

@JORDANSISNEY Thanks, however if you wish to have some comedic element here, you may.

JeremyIrwin (42)

Your uncle
??/??/???? - ??/??/????

cgolden15 (186)

@JeremyIrwin I'd rather not share that information, thank you though.

JeremyIrwin (42)

@cgolden15 I know, but still, rest-in-peace

DeBeast591 (134)

Sorry about your uncle. I like the program, I hate that people decide to take their lives.

cgolden15 (186)

@DeBeast591 I agree, nobody should take their own life.

AshCodz (14)

Yes, you will! Your partner for life is out there, you just have to find 'em. Good luck with the rest your life partner.

qualladoom (351)

Sorry about your uncle- great idea to honor them like that. rest in peace.

LizFoster (647)

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. You're right, if you are depressed or lost, talk to someone about it. You've got this! <3

IceChes1 (2)

I like your profile picture.
So sorry about your uncle.
This is cool! I know nothing about Python but this looks good!

cgolden15 (186)

@IceChes1 Thanks for taking a look at it mate!

Kwolski (39)

Sorry to hear about your uncle great program though

cgolden15 (186)

@Kwolski Kowalski Analysis?? But no, thanks for the support.

Lamby777 (57)

False, we all know programmers don't find love lol

cgolden15 (186)

@Lamby777 Seems that way, but it will happen at some point.

Asheyerth (0)

This is beautiful.
More code like that, pls.

DanielChastain (0)

I like the program. One suggestion is making the yes or no not cap sensitive.

cgolden15 (186)

@DanielChastain Alright, thanks for the feedback!


How did he lose his life?


That’s very sad 😢 @cgolden15

SnazzCat34 (0)

This is a really cool program! I'm really sorry to hear about your uncle

JeremyIrwin (42)

Mr. Rogers smiling in his grave

AphixDev (216)

Sorry about your uncle man. I wish u the best of luck! :)

oignons (322)

Such an amazing and positive program. I'm very sorry that your uncle passed away. ;n;

He must have been an amazing person and it is such a horrible way to go. I am very sorry. :(

cgolden15 (186)

@ipastrano Thank you for your support bro <3

CodingAndMemes (35)

Such an awesome, simple program to lift people up. I am very sorry for your loss.

cgolden15 (186)

@CodingAndMemes Thanks for your condolences. <3