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Truth: are you a spammer boy?
RohilPatel (810)

Well, I got a little inspiration by @Codemonkey51 for this, and I decided to make it better by putting it on the front end. I might add css, so yeah. Have fun

Edit: why does this become so popular?

AgastyaSandhuja (146)

wait... this just chooses random

ZacPlayz (64)

but i still love it so i upvoted it

DarshanRajpara1 (13)

OOOOh i like it, even though looking at the code it chooses at random...

RohilPatel (810)

Hee hee lol. I'll make a function to do it better

RohilPatel (810)

Ur like the first person to check the code lmao @SixBeeps

syflexer (467)

So uh monekys says i am a not spamming but yours says i am how can that be


i am not a spammer
and also how to work with inputs in js?
plz answer


@Codemonkey51 hehe i know

Bookie0 (3285)

Yay I’m a king! Different than “probably a spammer” in @Codemonkey51 ‘s code! Lol!

PDanielY (982)

Wait, but this one just chooses one randomly and codemonkey51's uses logic

ZacPlayz (64)

okay but when i added Zac it told meh that I'm a bad boy... :(