Wanna help spam some scammers?
rafrafraf (1369)

Lets annoy some scammers that made a fake banking site

Recently I received a message from a random number claiming that a payment was attempted from a new device.

Obviously this wasnt true as the bank they were claiming to be wasnt even mine but i did ensure that it is a scam website before making this.

So I made this website which lets you send in fake details to the scam bank site. This means that when they go through the data they will have to spend much more time with fake user information.

You can enter fake details of your own or use my randomly generated ones :)

I *could* leave it running on loop.. But wheres the fun in that?

every little helps.. piss off a scammer

EDIT: With the help of everyone here we are (probably) the reason the scam site is down! good job guys :)

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rafrafraf (1369)

@TsunamiOrSumth hahaha thats amazing dude you should submit some positive reinforcement