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Tutorials Challenge Results
timmy_i_chen (1097)

Congratulations to the winners!

Plus many other notable entries, which can be found on Repl Talk Learn.


~The challenge has begun! Feel free to post your tutorials on the Challenge board!
The competition will end on Monday, Nov 5th, 2018 at 12:01 EST.~


  • Your submission must be a tutorial. It can be a tutorial about anything - surprise us with your creativity. :)
  • It must use Attach the end result repl to the post.


  • First Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Second Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Third Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card

First, second, and third place prizes will be determined by the team, who will take the following factors into consideration:

  • Quality of the submission
  • Number of upvotes it received
  • How many people engaged with it

Additionally, the Team will be awarding various prizes for quality submissions that went under the radar. We may even reach out to you for working with further!

Please remember that Repl Talk allows Markdown, so style your tutorials for maximum readability!


@K2TipaE he is a legend

ebest (639)

@IEATPYTHON @theangryepicbanana should really put this on his profile.
No, He's THE legend.

PYer (3396)

I am the FIRST!

Hurray! I posted 4 posts before anybody put a single one.


@fullern000 lol I AM THE 4 th and you better like it ;)

PYer (3396)

@IEATPYTHON Wow. We are on at the same time.

vedprad1 (871)

Speaking of which, I still haven't gotten any prize from the previous competition.

MarcoSanto (2)

Might seem stupid but may I ask what is the REPL in the challenge there for?
I mean, does the tutorial have to be about writing to ascii files?
Or can it be a tutorial for anything?
I am not sure.

Also, @timmy_i_chen, specifying the timezone in deadlines is a lot helpful for int'l students like myself. It might well be in the middle of the night for some of us, which might be a problem.


timmy_i_chen (1097)

@MarcoSanto Added timezones. :)

The repl should aid in the tutorial to explain a concept or to add interactivity, ideally, but we're open to creative uses. The tutorial can be for anything!

pauliunas (5)

@timmy_i_chen Please add something in UTC standard because that's the standard accepted worldwide. I don't know off the top of the head what this EST means because it's a local US abbreviation and I'm not from the US. So I'll have to google that.
Writing EST does not help anyone who doesn't live in the US at all. But writing UTC-(something) helps everyone, as they can just add/subtract the difference. For example if it's UTC-5, it will be 8 hours later here because my timezone is UTC+3.

XavierDD (83)

Would I need a discord account to participate?

timmy_i_chen (1097)

@XavierDD Nope! This challenge is happening here on Repl Talk :)

ArtemLaptiev1 (106)

@timmy_i_chen I was a little bit confused by the newsletter. Can you please clarify if the last winner was the Neural Networks tutorial or the LOLCODE one? :)

minermaniac447 (245)

MRW the challenge time is over but you can still submit tutorials...

ArtyomKey (0)

Challenge Accepted

MatthewBowers (0)

Will you theangryepicbanana challenge me

yousef901 (0)

I will be the first


Challenge not accepted

_king_nigel_ (0)

give me gift card free plz

jeremy_amimo (0)

oook but dont blame me for WINNING

totobird (2)

I don't quite understand what type of tutorial i'm supposed to make. Can somebody help my one this please?


@totobird It can be about anything! You can make it related to coding or not. But keep in mind that your audience are coders!

minermaniac447 (245)

Hey, so I am trying to link a Repl to a tutorial but I don't see the option to do so anymore when creating it...

timmy_i_chen (1097)

@minermaniac447 Sorry about that, you should see it again :)

ragsdale (19)

@timmy_i_chen could you please unbanned me from your discord server,please?????????????????????????????????

iPenguin (7)

I'm new to Repl, but not python, so lemme see what I can pull off.

timmy_i_chen (1097)

@iPenguin Looking forward to it! :)

WissamNusair (5)

i'l take on the challenge


I have never won a challenge before maybe this will be the one


Blink (3)

I'm just curios on how to make a tutorial. Is that the button saying "Share Your Tutorial"?

and in the making of the tutorial, the post by JSer " " is that about styling the post ?

I'm just a beginner and want to participate by sharing the basics of Python that I learned by 2 weeks of coding :D

timmy_i_chen (1097)

@Blink You're correct on both counts! I'm excited to see what you share :)