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Typing Test Premium
426729 (153)

A typing test where you are given a poem to type, then you get money based on your WPM. Choose a rhyme scheme for your poem, then type it up! Good luck!

AlexTerm (16)

Amazing! However, big cheese by copy and pasting.

timmy_i_chen (1087)

I love this! NIce work! What rhyme schemes are available - what are my options - what should I type in?

426729 (153)

@timmyichen: You can use things like 'abab', 'abcd', etc. Every matching letter will be a rhyming last word of a line.

One example of an 'abab' rhyme scheme is 'THE BEST EYE: a strife sees a Japan, the cardboard leaves the case, a troll tries the woman, a hand thinks about a base'. The first and third lines rhyme (the two 'a's in 'abab'), and the second and fourth rhyme (the two 'b's). You can set which lines rhyme with matching letters.

mario1molinito (0)

This deserves first place. Not the password breaker which takes like 2 hours to figure out mario545 which in my opinion anyone can guess.