True Love Scanner
cgolden15 (187)

Just a simple program I threw together in honor of my uncle who took his own life. If you feel lonely, depressed or otherwise, please talk to someone, drop a comment, or anything, just please know that there are people who care. This program can accurately find out if you have true love coming into your life. Please consider upvoting and commenting, it means a lot to me.

Edit: Wow, thanks for all the support guys/girls, it really means a lot to me. I've made it to the top of the "hot" tab of the share forms, you are amazing <3.

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3941driB (2)

UMMM, this is just a bunch of print() statements separated by time.sleep() calls, not much (cough-cough) scanning involved.

cgolden15 (187)

@3941driB Noooo, really? First off, the point of the program isnt to be a big complicated thing, its supposed to be a small wholesome program that might just make someone's dau a little bit better. Secondly, of friccn course it isn't scanning your brain, nobody ever thought it was.