UPDATE: WINNERS POSTPONED // ✨Check back here for our Music Hackathon results! ✨
katyadee (1215)

We all want to know who won that $5,000 grand prize.

Check back on Monday, 7/29, to find out who our winners are!

This announcement has been postponed.

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vedprad1 (873)

The intensity is increasing...
The wait is too hard to bear...
The insanity is rising...
Why don't you tell us, fair and square?

olafh10 (35)

@vedprad1 Same, I’m currently having that terrible feeling of stress and excitement at once in my stomach

vedprad1 (873)

@olafh10 : Me too, I am dying to see who won.

burakdemirelli (3)

@vedprad1 Everyone constantly refreshing the page every ten minutes. It's crazy lol

ShadowCypher (31)

@burakdemirelli I expect it'll be released at noon (PST), since that's when the newsletter is typically released.

ShadowCypher (31)

@SnailPotato No, I meant around noon (so it could be right at 12 or maybe as far out as 12:40)

SnailPotato (10)

They should announce a specific time so that I can do a countdown

SnailPotato (10)

11:59 PM tonight...


@vedprad1 :d results r already out

vedprad1 (873)

@vvc : I posted that comment a million years ago.

SDGames (1)

@ShadowCypher add me on snapchat : said.bouhafa59 or instagram : _sd_xv