🔍 Repl.it User Searchbar! 🔍
RayhanADev (371)

You know, what’s one feature we really wish Repl.it has? A user search bar. Well I’m bored of waiting. I present to you:

The Unofficial Repl.it User Searchbar!

A small minimalistic searchbar, just type in the name of the user EXACTLY how it’s spelled and you will be taken to their page. Easy peasy! Why don’t you try it now, type in the searchbar RayhanADev or anyone!

Click here for a fullscreen page with you can bookmark!

Working on a Major Revision!

This “search-bar” is getting a major revision soon! New functionality and all sorts of stuff (very vague but you’ll see ;P)

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DynamicSquid (3586)

Uhh... that's not really a search bar, it's just redirecting to the user's profile

RayhanADev (371)

@DynamicSquid True, not a “search-bar” but it does make it much easier to navigate to a profile without all the icky scrolling through projects, or trying to mess with URL business.

RayhanADev (371)

@DynamicSquid Is there a better word I should use? Redirect isn’t the correct term per se, but I suppose search bar isn’t either...