Unblocker V2
JordanDixon1 (249)

Here is the second version of the unblocker. I have tinkered a bit and found that I can indeed add shift-only keys. To type shift-only keys just type the shift-only key in the terminal later I might tinker in adding sound and adding it so you guys don't have to type in the terminal, who knows? Idk, but all credit for the shift key implementation goes to @eekboi and @kai_justice for their spell checker on repl.it talk. Once I saw it and all the comments on the last Unblocker I immediatly got the idea for updating this. Hope you all enjoy. Also, stop calling me "the messiah" XD

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AdCharity (945)

y bother making a new post? Also writing all of that seemed like a waste of time when you could have just written an array with all of those characters.

Zexogon (695)

@AdCharity lua be like arrays start at 1

JordanDixon1 (249)

@AdCharity Idk, I hade to make a new one cause the old one I think messed up somehow. For me anyway X3 So I just made a new post.